Boho Yellow

Hey, that rhymes!!  Poet and I didn’t know it, whaaaat!  Okay, moving on.

Y’all, this top is the perfect color for fall.  I love flowy material.  If you know me, I hardly ever wear tight fitting clothes.  Sometimes, I’m guilty of going a size up because I love to be comfy!  Cute + comfy, is that such a crime?!  These bell sleeves are so cute!  This top is from SheIn.  Their clothes are extremely affordable + adorable {HA, I’m on a roll today!}  Say that five times fast.


I hope y’all enjoyed this look for fall!

I crack myself up.  Also, this top is only $12.99!!!!  I promise that’s not a typo!  Go get yours now!

I’m linking this top and a few other really cute tops for fall that I liked!

Boho Yellow Top | Burgundy Fringe Trim Top | Army Green Cold Shoulder Top | Black Beige Plaid Top




SheIn -Your Online Fashion Print Dress

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The Mountains Are Calling

You know that quote, “The mountains are calling and I must go,” I’m pretty sure that really happens to me.  I’m also pretty sure it’s hereditary.  It happens to my parents all the time.  Soon as the first signs of fall are present, I have a need to see the mountains.  It’s probably my favorite scenery in the entire world.  Simple but makes my little heart so happy.

Thankfully, my husband understands this weird hereditary trait that I inherited, and he goes along with it just fine.  We had the busiest work week.  Overtime on the job and we were trying to finish the plumbing in our trailer.  If you missed the renovation post of our horse trailer, I’ll fill you in here + lots of photos.  We had every reason not to go to the mountains, but we made it happen.  This was the last weekend we would really be able to do something for ourselves with horse shows coming up and using up all our free time + money to finish the trailer.  We headed to Blowing Rock, NC with a horse, 2 dogs, and enough luggage to stay for a whole week {I always overpack, I admit}.

We stayed at Blowing Rock Equestrian Preserve.  This place is beautiful and the facilities are so nice.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to enjoy the trails there.  The preserve has over 25 miles of horse trails through the mountains.  Erik was able to get a few rides in at their arenas.  We did some shopping {mostly me}, ate at their local restaurants, and took in the pretty scenery.


I love these little trips.  I love the mountains.  They give me some kind of peace and happiness.  I love my husband, who just gets me.  I love horses.  I love local shops and diners.  I love cream-filled strawberry pancakes for breakfast.  I love that we were able to bring our two pups along, even though Dally growled at a granny while we were downtown and 5 minutes later she was the friendliest pup ever.  I love salted chocolate caramel apples.  I love fall and making memories with my family.  Blowing Rock, I love ya.

Lots of love,


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Southern Detour? + Exciting News

Where did you come up with Southern Detour?  I’ve been asked this question a few times, okay maybe a zillion – I promise I’ll get to that!  There are so many exciting things happening behind the scenes at Southern Detour.  I feel it’s the perfect opportunity to share those things with you and tell you how Southern Detour came about all in one post!

Last year, I went with my husband, parents and sister to the big ol’state of Texas for her Extreme Mustang Makeover Competition {if only I’d been blogging then…what an adventure}!!  By the way, her and her horse, Mister Twister, won and took home the check!  Isn’t he a cutie?


On the way back to South Carolina, we were throwing names around for a possible shop in the future.  I’ve always loved clothes, especially boutique clothes!  I am very southern, born + bred.  I am so proud of my southern roots.  We were definitely drawn to having ‘southern’ a part of the name and brand.  On our 22 hour drive, we passed a sign that said DETOUR just as I was thinking SOUTHERN and it clicked.  Southern Detour.  It was perfect!!  We all loved it.  You’re always on detours, whether you’re on an adventure, navigating through your day, or just traveling through this crazy thing we call life.  Shortly after, I had thought about blogging {because our lives are just so darn interesting} and the name could not have suited me better.

Simple little story, but I’ve been blogging here for a year and never looked back since!

Just recently, my parents have taken the name further and opened a shop full of cute clothes, antiques, jewelry, art, and all kinds of trinkets in our hometown!  They have carried the name Southern Detour because it represents everything the shop is about.  It has a southern flair and they are always on a detour looking for new pieces to add to their place.  So very exciting!!

Southern Detour is now a place where you can locally shop unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else, follow along with our life’s journey on the blog, and gather to make new friends + find encouragement.  We are merging the two on the same Facebook page so there will be less confusion and you can find everything all in one simple stop!  If you’re local, come visit my mom and find the perfect piece {or two, or six} for you to take home.


We are so excited about this new adventure for Southern Detour.  Make sure to sign up with your email and never miss a post + stay up-to-date!  Thank you so much for reading along and being apart of the Southern Detour community!



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2016 Fall Favorites

Just in case you’re wondering, fall is my absolute favorite season EVER.  There’s just something about the savory smells, pumpkin lattes, cozy clothes, coffee overload, cobblers, mountain trips, cookies, cuddling, floppy hats, football, horse shows, s’mores, okay I’ll stop now.  You get the point.  Fall is the best.

I wanted to share some of my “fall favorites” with you gals!  These are the things I can’t stop using right now!


  1. Arbonne Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème: At the salon, my hands are constantly in contact with water, chemicals, and heat.  Over time, this really dries my hands out and the skin around my nails crack.  This hand creme has been so moisturizing and hydrating!  I put it on at night or whenever I think about it.  It’s vegan, gluten free, plus it doesn’t leave that sticky/thick residue feel.  It has a light, clean smell that I love!  Feel free to contact my consultant, Alisha, if you have any questions here.
  2. Revlon Ultra HD Matte LipColor: I’ve been looking for a good matte lipstick/gloss and I found the perfect one!  I got a pretty, rich, pink color {Embrace} which would be a solid everyday color for me.  I also got a bright, coral color {Flirtation} to carry into fall.  It’ll be a fun transition color as my tan starts to fade {not that I had much of one anyways…boo}.
  3. DW Home Apple Cider Candle: Don’t tell anyone, but I may have bought this candle in July.  Did I mention I’m ready for fall?  K!  This apple cider candle is the perfect fall blend.  So sweet, cinnamony {that’s a word}, yummy.  I’ve also had their Spiced Pumpkin candle and it’s uh-mazing as well!
  4. Sugar Lip Polish: My lips tend to get dry all year round.  In the summer because of the sun.  In the winter because of the dry, crisp air.  I love this lip scrub.  It gets all the dead skin off and leaves my lips feeling soft!  My lipsticks always go on smoother after I use this!
  5. Jergens Natural Glow: I’ve been using this tanning moisturizer since forever.  Not even kidding.  It gives me that subtle glow overnight, plus this is the firming one!  It definitely gets my pale self through fall/winter!
  6. Monogram Mug: This mug was a limited edition from Anthropologie and is sold out!  Bummer!  Luckily, they’ve replaced it with one that’s just as cute!  I actually have a mug collection, an entire stash of coffee cups that is about to over-take one side of our cabinet.  When we go on a trip that’s normally the souvenir I bring home.  This one was just so cute and nice.  Plus, extremely affordable!  I love anything personal.  This would make a sweet gift!
  7. Kenra Volumizing Shampoo: Because winter makes a girl’s hair flat, am-i-right?!  We need a little umph in the fall!  I love this shampoo.  It gives my hair a little fluff and smells nice!  If you’re local, you can get this shampoo here.

Let me know if you have any of these products or try them out!  Also, let me know if you have any questions at all.  Share some of your favorite fall products with me below!



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19 Reasons Dogs Are The Best

Dogs are seriously man’s best friend.  I have never met a more happy, go-lucky animal.  I’ve always had a dog for as long as I can remember.  If you don’t have a pup, you’re totally missin’ out!  Here are 19 reasons why dogs are the best:

  1. They are the greatest company, y’all.  You’ll never have to feel lonely again!
  2. Dogs are always, always happy to see you!  When you’ve worked a long day and they are waiting to greet you at the door {tail wagging}…best ever.
  3. They are always up to cuddle.
  4. Puppy breath.
  5. By the way, puppies are the cutest baby animals in the entire world.  Nobody can argue with that one.
  6. They are loyal and will love you no matter what.
  7. They can make you laugh at them and yourself, mostly yourself though.
  8. You don’t need an alarm clock.
  9. Puppy breath.
  10. They make you get outside.
  11. They can’t lie.  As soon as you walk in, you know if they’ve done something bad.
  12. They make you clean your house often.
  13. Puppy breath.
  14. You don’t have to work out.  Puppies keep you in shape from running after them, around the neighborhood, in the house, down the road, etc.
  15. You get to show off their cool tricks in front of your friends and family {only if a treat is involved}.
  16. You don’t need to pay for a house alarm system.
  17. They help you practice grace + forgiveness.
  18. Also, PUPPY BREATH.
  19. Dogs teach you to care for something else, besides yourself.  One of life’s biggest lessons.

We have two pups, Jax and Dally.  They keep us busy constantly.  We love their company, humor, different personalities, and loyalty.  I couldn’t imagine life without a dog!  Share below a little about your pup!  I would love to know if you could add to this list!

Dog Lovin’ Since 1990,


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Falling for Floral

Floral prints make me happy.  There’s just something sweet and simple about them!  I definitely fell for this dress when I saw it!  My parents own a garden center in our hometown.  They love antiquing or “junking” {whatever you wanna call it}.  They’ve been making beautiful signs and giving old “junk” new life.  My mom is also starting to include some cute clothes, jewelry, + accessories inside.  My mom has always loved boutiques, unique clothes, shopping, etc. {I get it from my mama ha}!  She got this dress in and knew I had to have it!


These colors are swoon-worthy!  It’s the perfect fall floral dress.  Better yet, it could also be a good spring dress too!  I love pieces that can transition to other seasons.  It really gave it a fall touch with the knit cardigan and floppy hat.

If you’re local, come visit my parents’ garden center here!

I am linking similar pieces so you can re-create this outfit!

Dress: Similar here + here | Cardigan: Similar here + here | Heels: Similar here + here | Floppy Hat



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1 Jean Jacket, 3 Ways

I am lovin’ the jean jacket trend!  It’s bringin’ back all the 90’s feels!  A jean jacket is incredibly versatile.  For one, they come in all different washes and styles.  There’s a perfect jacket for every person!  Today I’m sharing 3 ways I’ve styled a basic jean jacket.  It has a lighter wash, simple shape, and it’s legit probably 100 years old {one of those things you just can’t bring yourself to throw out}!  Trends always come back around…note to self.

Outfit 1 is a casual “day on the town.”  I styled this outfit with a cotton blend pant, comfy white blouse and sneakers.  How easy is that?!  As we transition into fall, a jean jacket is so simple and stylish to compliment any outfit.


Top – Similar | Pants | Sneakers {red sold out, but comes in 5 other colors} | Purse – Similar

Outfit 2 is fun and colorful!  A jean jacket pairs well with dainty fabrics + prints.  I loved it with these scalloped shorts and matching the color with the floral top.  The jean jacket added a casual touch and the heels dressed it up a bit.  This outfit would be perfect for going out to dinner or a date night!


Top – Similar here + here | Shorts – Similar | Necklace – Similar

Outfit 3 is for a day of shopping or errands.  It’s so comfy and easy.  I love dresses.  Don’t put all your summer dresses away at the first sign of fall!  Put a jean jacket over them and watch the outfit transform!  This is a very casual dress, but I would do this over my church dresses or maxis too!


Dress – Similar here + here | Purse – Similar | Sandals – Similar

Because my jacket is 100 years old, I’m linking a couple jean jackets I found for ya!  This trend is so cute and you don’t want to miss out!

Jean Jacket – Similar here + here

1 jean jacket, endless options!  Who knows, maybe you’ve got a blue jean jacket in the back of your closet you forgot about!  Hope you have a great week!

Love from a 90’s gal,


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11 Ways to Keep A Positive Attitude

Life is tough.  Life is unfair.  Life is just plain hard to handle sometimes.  You can turn the TV or radio on for 5 minutes and become instantly saddened with all of our hopeless surroundings.  You can even log onto Facebook with the touch of your finger in 5 seconds and read something gloomy almost immediately.  How on Earth do we keep a positive attitude in a world that is so negative?  I’ve discovered and tested some true, real, and a few humorous ways to stay positive, friends:

  1. Wake up and talk to Jesus.  He’s there to listen to our problems, anxieties, and worries.  The good Lord can comfort you like no other.  And all the people said, amen.
  2. Drink a cup {or pot} of coffee.  Because…well, this needs no explanation.
  3. Most people check notifications on social media in the morning.  Instead of looking and mentally liking someone’s post or photo, take the time to leave a positive or encouraging comment!  You uplifting someone else will actually have the same positive effect on yourself!  Just try it!
  4. Get up and get yourself dressed.  You don’t have to wear a ball gown to the office, but wear something you actually like and makes you feel good about yourself, even if that takes getting up 5 minutes earlier to pick it out!  And no, pajamas do not qualify. {Insert blank face emoji}  The way you dress can set the mood for your day.
  5. Listen to positive + encouraging music while you get ready or on your way to work.  Some of my favorites are KLove, Jack Johnson Pandora Station, and George Strait {<- He’s duh man}!!
  6. Say a friendly “hello” or give a smile to everyone you pass throughout the day.  Sending that positive energy to others will certainly radiate through you!
  7. If you’re faced with an issue, tell yourself it’s not the end of the world.  ‘Cause guess what?  It’s not!  Most any problem can be worked out without panicking and letting it ruin your day.  Every little thing is gonna be alright.  Break out some Bob Marley if you just can’t handle.
  8. Communicate with your husband/family throughout the day.  Reassuring that they are having a good day will help you have a good day too.  Communication is key.
  9. Eat a snack.  There’s no way you can be positive if you’re hangry.  I know this all to well {so does my husband}.  Ice-cream always does the trick.
  10. Get outside!  Go for a walk, breathe in some fresh air, look up and see the glorious world God gave us!  That’s enough, right?!
  11. Feed yourself positive vibes in all aspects of your life and that’s what you’ll get in return.  You can’t put lemons in your sweet tea and expect it not to be sour, just sayin’.

I’m so preaching to myself as well.  This is something I work on daily.  Tomorrow, pick a few of these or all of’em and give it a try!  I guarantee your day will feel and be more positive!  I’m letting you know right now you’re appreciated just by reading my blog.  I think you are pretty great, friend!

Choose happy,


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July Instagram Roundup

Can I just start by saying there’s 146 days until Christmas?!  I’m just gonna leave that there.

This year has flown by for us!  We’ve had so much fun traveling and making memories and cannot wait to take on the rest of 2016!  I’m sharing some of my favorite Instagram posts and all the details/links!  Hope you find these helpful and let me know if you have any questions at all!


Top | Shorts | Sandal – Similar


Authentic Mexican top from Cozumel, Mexico – Similar here + here | Jeans | Sandals


Hat – Similar | Top | Jeans | Sandals – Similar


Shirt – Similar here + here


Top from my parent’s store located here | Jeans | Sandals


Bikini Top – Same brand, similar style | Shorts | Sandals – Similar | Sunglasses | Pineapple from your local grocery store {ha}!

August, we ready for ya!  Also, fall is my favorite.  Be prepared for an abnoxious amount of coffee, pumpkin candles, floppy hats, and apple pie!



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Little Miss Sunshine

After walking through a herd of 100 goats, 5 dogs, lots of chickens, 1 emu + a sweet farmer on a tractor, we finally made it to the beautiful field of sunflowers.  I am not even kidding.  He was such a nice man for letting us use his farm for our background.  I’ve told you before, my photographer and I go to great lengths for these photoshoots.

This has to be my favorite shoot we’ve done so far.  I am such an old soul/hippie at heart.


I know you’re thinking, “Aw, those sunflowers are so pretty.”  Well let me tell ya, those pretty little sunflowers also attract bees.  Lots of bees.  After our trek through the farm, I almost died from a heart attack from the bees surrounding me in the middle of the sunflowers.  However; for the love of the blog, I pressed on to get the shots for this post.  I’m really good at laughing at myself, so I had to share this:

My thought process: “Oh…okay, I just realized there are bees everywhere.”


“Alright, this is getting a little uncomfortable.  But, I’ll smile for the camera anyways.”


“Okay, forget it!  I am FREAKING OUT right now!!”


Face of distress right there.

So moral of the post, laugh at yourself my friends.  Life will be a little easier if you do.  Also, buy this cute outfit.

Hat {Sold Out} – Similar | Tank {on major sale!!!} | Shorts | Sandals



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