“Butter” Luck Next Time

It was only appropriate to go shopping on the same day I launched my blog, of course.  I spent most of my Saturday shopping with my sister-in-law, Jennifer.  We had such a fun day; shopped ’til we dropped.

My family and I have been looking forward to going to eat crab legs for months!  Finally, majority of the tourists have gone home {no offense intended}.  I put my new outfit together for dinner.  A new top and jeans can make a girl feel like a million bucks.


{Shoutout to my hubby for being my personal photographer for 2 minutes!  Love ya!}

This was a much anticipated “night on the town” for us.  We live almost an hour from the seafood joint – all you can eat crab legs!  Yum!


We make it to the restaurant, to the buffet line, and finally back to the table with a plate full of steaming crab legs.  Who doesn’t love crab legs with melted, warm butter on the side for dipping?!  I go to move my butter and…{I’m cringing as I write this} the whole LITER…okay okay, maybe an ounce…falls into my lap.  On my brand new top and jeans.  Not just any jeans, ANTHROPOLOGIE JEANS!  I broke a sweat paying for them earlier in the day {shew}.

Life goes on.  It’s soaking with some Dawn as we speak.  Lesson learned: Looking stylish and going to buffets do not go hand-in-hand.  Wear an old t-shirt next time…note to self.

Atleast the crab legs were worth it.  Plus, time spent with family and friends.



Outfit: Jeans Anthropologie | Top francesca’s | Necklace francesca’s jewelry | Shoes Altar’d State {not the exact same boots, but similar style and from the same company}

2 Comments on ““Butter” Luck Next Time

  1. This hasn’t happened to me but, I will take heed and make sure to be careful around errant melted butter containers. Protecting my Goodwill Wrangler jeans is a priority.


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