It’s Tradition, Scrumptious, and Southern

Every year my grandad has a family BBQ.  It’s tradition {since my mom was a little girl}, scrumptious, and southern as it gets.  You don’t see many people in the south barbecue their own hogs at home much anymore.  My dad has been barbecuing hogs for church events and the family BBQ for 30 years.


He is basically a BBQ legend.  Well, at least to our family.  He even makes a secret homemade BBQ sauce that is to die for {okay, maybe not literally, but you get the point}.


My dad built this cooker almost 28 years ago.  It’s fed many families and hungry bellies!


Yes that is the pigs head.  My face is saying “Ew, gross, weird, but I do love BBQ!”

The guys start breakfast at 7am.  My mom always makes delish sides for the BBQ feast and I bring a dessert or two {I’ll be sharing the Pecan Pie Bars I brought this year on the blog this week}!  We invite old friends, new friends and family from all over!  It’s a great time of fellowship!



It’s always just chilly enough to have a small fire.  We enjoy each other’s company all afternoon.  The kids go fishing in the pond.  The ladies share recipes and catch up on old times.


The guys talk hunting, trucks, tractors and everything manly.


I am always so thankful for days like this.  It’s the small talk, keeping the tradition going, and the best BBQ you could ask for.  At the end of the day, we all leave blessed, sleepy and full.

What type of tradition does your family share?



8 Comments on “It’s Tradition, Scrumptious, and Southern

  1. Sounds like great fun family time. Looking forward to the pecan bar recipe.

    Aunt Cecilia

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