“The Wild and Wonderful”

This year for Thanksgiving we planned to visit my husband’s family.  My husband {Erik} is from the wild and wonderful, West Virginia.  It’s a good eight hour trip {full of car karaoke}.

It’s always so nice to see my in-laws.  We get to see them about twice a year, maybe three if we’re lucky.  They are so kind and welcoming.  I always feel like the daughter they never had {pretty darn special, basically}.  I am so blessed with a genuine father-in-law {Shiner}, lovely mother-in-law {Missy} and sweet brother-in-law {Tyler/Ty}.

We had a big Thanksgiving spread and visited with Erik’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Surrounded by people we love dearly.

Then, we brought out the card games.



This is tradition in the Herndon household. You should also keep in mind, this family is V E R Y competitive.  If you’ve never played Spoons, you need to.  Like, right now {I put a link there if you need directions}.  You’ll need a deck of cards, your family and obviously some spoons. We used plastic because we “thought” they would be less dangerous and damaging.  Needless to say, we were all laughing to tears by the end of the night.  Who knew spoons could be so much fun?

We went to Christmas In The Park, a drive thru lights display.  I love Christmas lights and the music.  It just instantly fills me with joy!

Saturday night we were able to visit with Erik’s mom’s family!  This always includes yummy food, uh-mazing desserts and family game night.  How did I end up with both sides of the family being extremely competitive?  You’ve got to let your aggressive, rough side come out with these folks {don’t let their sweet smiles fool ya}.


How dare we introduce Spoons to the Perry’s?  After many threats, spoon snatching and a dive across the table we put the spoons up for the night.

Then someone has the bright idea to play Bean Boozled.  I want to know who come up with this insane game?  And who had to do the taste testing {love their heart}?!

I got off on the easy end with the taste of stinky socks, lawn clippings and molded cheese lingering in my mouth.  Others unfortunately ended up with canned dog food, barf, rotten eggs and baby wipes {seriously, gross}.  Next time I play this, money will be involved.  Check out my brother’s clip of him and my sister playing Bean Boozled Challenge on his YouTube {hysterical}!

Our weekend was filled with spoons, jelly beans, laughing until we cried, and reminders of why I am so thankful for family.  We headed home very sleepy from all the excitement.


I am blessed with wonderful people all around.  Wild, but wonderful.  And I wouldn’t change a thing.



9 Comments on ““The Wild and Wonderful”

  1. So much fun and such great memories. Can’t wait to see you all again. You are the daughter we never had. We couldn’t have done better if we hand picked you ourselves. Love you.

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