Shopping, Parking Tickets, and Seafood

I love traditions, especially when they involve shopping, delicious food and time with my gals!  Every year my mom, sis-in-law and I take a shopping/girls trip!  It reminds us to take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy each other, laugh a little more and eat that extra calorie!  We always decide on the location together.  We’ve been to North Carolina multiple times, New York once, and this year we chose Charleston, South Carolina.


Charleston is a beautiful city.  It has so many historic buildings and unique architecture.  Also, LOTS of shopping!


{Unfortunately, the quality of my pictures aren’t the best.  I couldn’t carry around my camera.  We were doing some serious shopping and walking.  We said next year we are wearing sneakers everyday and sacrificing looking cute.}

I always have such a fun time shopping with my mom and Jennifer {sis-in-law}.  It always ends up in belly aches from laughing so hard, sore feet from walking so far and my car loaded to the max!

Charleston taught us so much in the short couple days we were there that I’d like to share with you!  They have amazing restaurants {we knew that already}.   Kitchen 208 served us up some decadent breakfast for our big shopping day downtown!


An important rule that you should remember if you plan to visit Charleston…you will get a parking citation if you do not put the correct change in the meter.  Even if you walk 100 miles back to your car {quickly} and miss it by 10 minutes, they’ll getcha!


Also, it is near impossible to find a parking garage that isn’t “full.”  After driving around the tiniest streets {dazed and confused} we finally found one with the glorious green light {hooray}!  The car ahead of us goes through and believe it or not we see this:


Are ya kiddin’ me?!  Full, FULL, Full!!!  With the Lord’s help and three kind business men we found a parking garage that was not full.


The stores will also have cute pets that will distract you.  You won’t even realize how many clothes you’ve bought.  By the way, his name was Einstein {aw}.


After you’ve had a day full of shopping and exploring the town, you must go eat at Hyman’s Seafood for some scrumptious, southern seafood!


I must say, Charleston was good to us.  We had a wonderful time and shopped ’til we dropped!


This tradition is definitely one of my favorites.  I hope to keep it up for many years to come!  Okay ladies, so where to next year?!



7 Comments on “Shopping, Parking Tickets, and Seafood

  1. Sounds and appears like you gals had a great time shopping and dining. What a great tradition. I pray it will continue for years to come. It’s a great bonding and memory making time. Three gorgeous ladies. Happy New Year.

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