25 Fun Facts About ME

25 Fun Facts About ME {because I’m fun, right?!} and it’s the start of a new year:

  1. I am 25 years young.  My birthday is June 14, 1990.
  2. My favorite color is blue.  My least favorite color is purple.
  3. I am not a picky eater.  I love trying new foods!
  4. I love country music, specifically, George Strait.  He is the man.
  5. I do not watch R-rated movies.
  6. I love to travel.  If I was rich, I would travel every other week to somewhere new!
  7. I am very organized most of the time.
  8. I have never broken a bone {knock on wood}.
  9. If I could trade places with someone famous, I would choose Pioneer Woman {Ree Drummond}.  Her life, sigh.  I may stalk her sometimes…shhh.
  10. I love buying gifts for family and friends {if only I had a bottomless wallet}.
  11. I have a younger brother and sister.
  12. My favorite soda/pop is Mello Yello {I get it from my momma} and old fashioned Cream Soda.
  13. LOVE coffee {honey and a little creamer, please}!
  14. I am a total sucker for puppies.
  15. My favorite song is “Love is Everything” by George Strait. {go figure}
  16. My favorite thing to watch on TV is Food Network.  I secretly love to cook, but have little time to do so. {Poor hubby.}
  17. I could never live in a big city. {I try to never say never, but seriously, never on that one.}
  18. I hate making payments on anything.  My dad taught me all I know about finances.  Thanks, pops.
  19. Humble people are my favorite people.
  20. The most inspiring documentary I ever watched was, Unbranded.  Check it out Unbranded the Film <==
  21. I love candles.
  22. I believe family is very important.  It is a big part of our lives.  At the end of the day, they are all we have.
  23. I would love to homeschool my children one day.
  24. I love red lipstick!
  25. I am sarcastic {just sometimes, a lot}!



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