Can we be #real for just a sec?

Can we be #real for just a sec?

We are about {self} at some point, {all of us}.  We get so caught up in what we’re wearing, having our makeup just right, keeping up with calories and the latest trends.  Life is tough {amen}.

What if we did more of what John 3:30 tells us?  What if we decreased everyday?


It’s not all about the clothes, the shoes, the gym, the lipstick, etc.  These things aren’t bad things, but they can only bring us temporary happiness.  The clothes eventually go out of style, shoes eventually become too worn, the gym routine eventually gets old, and lipsticks eventually run out.  Guess what doesn’t go out of style, doesn’t become worn, doesn’t get old and never {EVER} runs out?  My God and His love for me + you.

We must lay aside our selfish desires and wants that constantly consume us.  They cloud our vision and focus.  I find myself spending too much time, money and daydreams on these materialistic things often {guilty}.  We must be totally sold out and devoted to Christ.  He wants YOU and your attention.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not telling you to quit shopping, quit wearing makeup {😳} and to stop working out.  I’m encouraging each and every one of you to find that balance.  I want my life to glorify Him in all that I say and do.

Clothes go out of style, but God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Shoes become worn, but Christ washes our sins away and gives us life.  Gym routines get old, but the good Lord is refreshing and renews daily.  Lipstick runs out, but God’s love is never-ending.  Life is tough, but God’s grace is enough.

Now, go put on your favorite lipstick and do GOOD.

Decreasing daily,


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