5 Local Restaurants You Should Be Dining in Conway, S.C.

I’m a small town girl, born and raised.  I’ve always been taught to support your locals.  My dad owns his own business locally, a few of my aunts have local salons, and some friends of mine own local shops.  There’s just something about going into a local cafe or diner, knowing the faces, knowing your waitress personally, and getting friendly, genuine service.  With our small town growing so fast, let’s remember these 5 restaurants that have history in Conway and are still thriving after all these years.

The Trestle Bakery and Cafe

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The Trestle has been one of my favorites since…well, forever.  Erik and I eat breakfast here almost every Saturday.  It’s quaint, filled with history, and their food is scrumptious!  It’s right on Main Street in Historic Downtown Conway.  They serve breakfast and lunch.  BUT, they also have a bakery, folks.  I think my mom, mother-in-law and I have sampled at least everything there once {maybe twice}.  Speaking of, I could really go for some of those chocolate covered strawberries right about now.

Donzelle’s Restaurant

Family owned; they’ve been serving up good, country cookin’ since 1962!  When you’re here everyone feels like family.  They have daily delicious lunch specials.  You feel like you’re at home and your grandma just cooked a Sunday feast!  Their service is friendly, fast, and never disappoints.  If you’re not already eating here regularly, you should be!

Rivertown Bistro

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If you’re looking for a nice lunch date with your gals or night out with your honey, this is the place!  It’s also located in Historic Downtown Conway.  The Bistro brings culinary artistry to Conway, but always stays true to it’s southern roots.  This is mine and Erik’s go-to for date night and we’ve ate here for special occasions numerous times!  I recommend the “Zucchini Boat” and any sushi!  It’s one-of-a-kind and also, family owned!  I always love the food and unique atmosphere!  Plus, gives me a good reason to get a little dressed up!

Jo Hibachi

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Because I love Japanese food and could eat it everyday, Jo’s Hibachi made the list!  They are family owned and the sweetest people!  Their food is cooked fresh to order and always so goooooood!  It’s an easy week night dinner for us!  If you haven’t tried their noodles yet, do it now!  Tell Jo and Pon I sent ya!

The Freeze Restaurant

Family style drive thru that has been around for decades!  When I was growing up it was known as Tastee Freeze.  They serve burgers, hotdogs, fries, ice-cream and my favorite this time of year, homemade vegetable soup!  I absolutely love this place!  Every time I go, it brings back so many memories of my childhood!  Located right outside of downtown Conway.  Swing by and get you a milkshake on the way home!

These are just several of my favorites!  Let me know if there are any local restaurants you and your family recommend!  If you’re planning to visit our little downtown, please check out these spots!  They are yummy!

Always hungry,


13 Comments on “5 Local Restaurants You Should Be Dining in Conway, S.C.

  1. Thanks for the compliments. I am married to LD.at DONZELLES. We really appreciate you and I totally agree with each one you mentioned. There are lots of places in the CITY of CONWAY that are wonderful at all they do. THANKS AGAIN

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  2. We frequent all of the above. I just wish you would have talked about Crady’s. It is so amazing. We are truly blessed unique and scrumptious cuisine in our downtown.

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    • I’ve been to Crady’s a handful of times, but it was always delicious! I may have to go back and add them in 🙂 Thank you for the feedback! We have a great little downtown!


  3. Have been going to Donzelles since I was 5 and I’m now 57. Haven’t been as much since I moved away, but I think I might just take a little road trip very soon.

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  4. Have been going to Donzelles since I was 5 years old and I’m now 57. Haven’t been in a couple of years since I moved away. But I think a little road trip might be in my near future. Nye’s pharmacy serves great turkey salad as well!

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