Horse Trailer Renovation {Part 1}

I love a good DIY project.  There’s just something about the satisfaction of “doing it yourself” and being sure of the great quality.  This past summer, we bought our first horse trailer.  As some of you may know, lots of horse trailers have living quarters.  This is where you can stay overnight in your trailer; some have kitchens and small sitting spaces.  After looking over a year, we found one in our price range that was perfect!

The trailer was older, but pretty well kept.  It had a few cabinets, loft space for a mattress and a small bench to sit on.  We were happy with our purchase.  We wanted something simple and affordable for the two of us.  It had a few minor maintenance issues that we would take care of when we got it home {nothing we couldn’t handle}.

Erik goes to trail ride with a buddy of his one weekend out of town.  A bad storm came up while he was there.  I get a call and he sounds just a little upset.  There is standing water all in the living quarters of the trailer {you’ve gotta be kidding me}.  We’d only had the trailer a couple months and we were already gutting it.  After completely dissecting the horse trailer, we find a defect on the roof.  Long story short, there is a huge leak in our brand new {well, new to us} horse trailer.  I was not at all a happy camper like I envisioned I would be months ago.

And…so…life goes on.  After throwing a small hissy fit, I got myself together and looked on the bright side.  Because, my friend, there is always a bright side.  This will be a fun project, right?!  For me and Erik to do together, joy!  I’ll get to pick things out and decorate.  It’ll be fun, right?!

So the caulking and insulation process began.  We had to get all the old, chipped, no good caulk off the roof.  Shoutout to my hubby, he was a champ at this!  {I mostly whined at how hot the roof was and how my arms got tired.}  We finally got the main leak fixed.  New insulation had to be measured, cut and installed for the sides and ceiling {I actually really helped out with this}.

We got these pretty new floors {yay, a glimmer of hope}!  Also, got some new carpet on the loft {note to self: carpet glue is very tricky}.

We decided on cedar wood for the walls and ceilings.  A fresh coat of polyurethane to protect the wood over time.

It’s been a slow process, but I know it will all be worth it in the end {I hope}.  I can’t wait to have this ultimate DIY renovation finished and get to finally enjoy our first horse trailer!  We’ve put a lot of sweat, brain cells, blood {no joke}, and time into this project.  There is still a lot to be done, but this trailer has come a long way!  I will keep updating you all on our progress.  I must say I’ve enjoyed my time with my husband and learning all kinds of new handy man things.  I feel like I could do most of this in my sleep now.  A big thank you to my dad, we couldn’t do it without you, your smarty pants and grand ideas!

From the bright side,


3 Comments on “Horse Trailer Renovation {Part 1}

  1. Where can I find the rest of the horse trailer renovation? Looking for ideas. I could only find part 1.


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