Horses, Cowboy Hats and Boot Shine

We just got back from the annual Augusta Cutting Horse Futurity in Georgia.  Now you’re wondering, what in the world is that?!  Click the link or I can give you a quick definition here…a cutting horse is a horse trained in separating cattle from a herd.  Sounds simple, but it’s a very detailed, difficult and interesting sport {cows are tricky}.  It looks a little something like this–>


My family loves this tradition.  It’s the same weekend every year in January.  It’s not too far from home, so it makes for a nice little getaway.  We get to see our friends, watch some of the most amazing, powerful cutting horses ever made, and shop a little!

Our weekend was filled with catching up with friends, keeping up with the scores, getting our boots shined, cowboy hats shaped, eating fried pickles and funnel cakes.  We were up early every morning and didn’t get to bed until late, but it was entirely worth it.  It’s such a fun time with my people.  I always love weekends like this where memories are made.

Plus, we got to see some snow Saturday morning!  It was such a pretty surprise to wake up to!


We try to never pass up a weekend with family and horses.  The cowboy hat shaping and boot shine were just the cherry on top!



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