Turn The TV Off & Put Down Your Phone

Sooo…you know how sometimes God has to slap ya right in the face to get your attention? 🖐 Yeah. That happened to me this morning.

I was on my computer working on the blog and checking emails. The TV was going with the latest news. I was texting clients, laundry was spinning, dishwasher was washing + giving Jax [our pup] occasional cuddles. {Multi-tasking at its finest, basically} What can I say?

All of a sudden…our internet stops working. Right in the middle of a task! Ugh! Are you kidding me?? No wifi 😳 Help! I tried to work on the wifi box thing…no good. Then the TV goes: “No Signal” 🙄 Seriously, I thought I’d broke them both. My hubby works for the local telephone co-op. I called him and told him to check on it…

In the meantime, the house got really quiet {weird}. I get in such a multi-tasking rush most days. There are a million things to do {always}. But this morning, the multi-tasking craziness stopped [sigh]…& I opened my Bible. I spent an hour indulging in God’s Word.


Sometimes we need stillness, quiet, peace from the multi-tasking, emails and TV. Sometimes we need to be reminded to put our phones down and shut our computers to read God’s Word, go outside, just soak in what’s around us.

So, this morning was a great reminder for me. Was I happy about the Internet and TV taking a break? No. Did I need that? Yep.

Wanna know something absolutely hilarious and embarrassing? Come to find out…I forgot to pay our bill 🙈 Erik said, it happens to the best of us. So, it was actually my own fault that my multi-tasking stopped. But, I think God worked it out just fine.

Make sure you turn the TV off and enjoy your surroundings today. Also, don’t forget to pay your bills! 👌



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