Imperfect and Thankful {why our imperfections are perfect…}

The other day, at my granddad’s farm, I noticed this old shed.  Like…I really paused and noticed it.  It is weathered, worn, and old.  It’s been there since forever {all my life.}


This simple building reminds me of our lives {just stick with me, ok}.  When it was built on the farm it was new, sturdy, and solid.  Over time, the rain, wind and sun takes a toll.  The shed naturally changed and became rugged and worn.  When we are young we are bright, unblemished, youthful, durable, and basically invincible.  As life goes on, we learn, we experience everyday, we go through storms and tough times.  We eventually become seasoned, cracked, and worn.


When I look at my granddad and other folks, I believe those wrinkles, lines, scars, blemishes, and imperfections tell a story in each of us.  We’ve all been through different experiences and journeys.  The husband, dad and granddad with dirty and rugged hands show all the hard work and dedication to his family.  The wife, momma and grandma with tired eyes and messy hair shows the love, responsibility, and support to her children and loved ones.

This life is busy, non-stop, and always changing.  It’s our weathered, worn, and rugged flaws that are evidence of who we are and where we’ve been.  These so thought “imperfections” are not at all imperfect.  They are the proof of how far we’ve come in this crazy thing we call life.  Each day is a blessing.  Be thankful for your wrinkles, lines, scars and blemishes.  They make you, YOU.  And dear friend, I’m thankful for you and this life.

Imperfect and thankful,


8 Comments on “Imperfect and Thankful {why our imperfections are perfect…}

  1. Loved that … When I was younger I use to tell Jeff if he got grey hair I would make him use Grecian formula …lol… But the older we get and the more grey I see on him the more I love it … I know why he has it and wouldn’t trade it !,

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