A Day At The Farm

During the week, I work at a salon.  It’s all about beauty, hair, makeup and being up to date on the latest style news.  I love all of those things, but I really love days at my parents’ farm.  I get to wear my old clothes, breathe in fresh air, not wear makeup and be around cute animals all day.  It’s all things good!  I wanted to share with you all what an average day at the farm is like.  It’s going to be picture overload {you’re welcome}.


We get to pull up to this view.  Horses everywhere and I just love it.  It’s peace on Earth {most of the time}.  Then you’re greeted by these sweet faces:


And once they find out you don’t have any food to give…they’ll leave ya alone.  Jax loves going to the farm because he gets to play with his dog friends.


And then it gets a little crazy…


I mean look at Pebbles.  Those are crazy eyes right there.  I am still laughing at this one.

We are always working and staying busy at the farm.  I don’t mind it though.  I love feeling like I’m benefiting the animals and helping my family.  This past weekend we cleaned the water troughs.  Fun, eh.  Helpful, yes!


Okay, well, we make it fun.

Then I watch/photograph my sister and husband furthering their horsemanship.  It’s amazing to see them make progress everyday and learn something new.  Proud sis/wifey moments happen very often!


Prepare for some cuteness…I love visiting these little fuzzy sweeties.  They are some of my favorites.


They get really curious about the camera.


And they get closer…


And closer.  After I’ve pet the minis, I’m off to visit every other animal.  It’s almost like being at a zoo.


My grandparents live a field over {sounds funny, right?}!  I’ve spent many days running across that field to go visit.  Precious memories when I look at their faces.  I am thankful to still be close to them.


Then everybody gets excited because it’s…feed time!


And they all look at you like this…


I love it when everyone is fed and happy. Ah, peace on Earth again.


I love the farm, my family and this life.  You’ll find yourself dirty from head to toe, brushing horses, mucking stalls, and sometimes, talking to a cow.  It’s bliss.

Gone feeding,



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