Shouting “SPRING”

When I think spring fashion…I think dainty, sweet, floral, colorful, and lace details.  This outfit basically shouts “SPRING!”  It also shouts, “Hey, girl.  You need a tan ASAP!”  Now try to enjoy the outfit and ignore my blinding paleness.

Photo Credits: Jennifer at Sweet E Photography

Of course, I had to throw in a little fringe and floppy hat action!  Have I mentioned how much I love anything high waisted??  I should have been born a long time ago.  I have a few stretchy/high waisted skirts and they are all things good!  This lace top is pretty much a staple for any closet.  It pairs well with dressy outfits, would be so cute with boyfriend jeans for a more casual look or layered under cardigans.  It adds such a nice texture.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I am your average, full-time job, bill paying, young adult.  I am always looking for a good deal while shopping!  The items I’m wearing are sold out or from past seasons.  I love bringing back older items from my closet and making them feel new, plus you’re not breaking the bank!  I am linking very similar items so you can remake this outfit yourself!

Floppy Hat {sold out} {similar} | Lace Blouse {similar here & here} | Floral Skirt {similar here & here} | Fringe Heels {similar} | Gold Necklace {similar here & here}

Hope y’all enjoyed this look!  I also hope I’ll have a decent tan soon.



20 Comments on “Shouting “SPRING”

  1. That skirt is beautiful, perfect for Spring! I also love how you bring an edgy flair to your outfit with the black accessories!

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  2. I absolutely love your sense of style. You make everything look so good. Wanna come shopping with me and help? Haha!

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  3. I love reading your blog and browsing your style picks each day. I love how you’re not afraid to mix patterns and colors. Do you want to help me? Hahahaha!

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