Box of Sunshine {GIVEAWAY}

Hello, friends!

Because it’s Monday and everybody needs a little pick-me-up, I’m giving away the cutest “Box of Sunshine”!  This box includes a custom barn wood sign, a pineapple candle, and a tassel clutch.  The barn wood sign was designed by {yours truly}!  My parents own a garden center, where they sell art, home decor, jewelry and unique trinkets.  Everything is handmade and the highest quality.  Every so often, I enjoy making a piece of my own!

Processed with Rookie Cam

To enter the giveaway, please click the link below.  You may choose as many options as you’d like, but none of them are mandatory.  However; the more entries you choose, the more likely you are to win!  You have until April 13th to enter the Box of Sunshine Giveaway!  Good luck!

Enter the Box of Sunshine Giveaway here!

Please enter the correct information!  I will be double checking and verifying the winner!

Hope y’all have a great week!



36 Comments on “Box of Sunshine {GIVEAWAY}

  1. I so look forward to your blogs. You have a true sense of life for such a young woman. My favorite post was about marriage. You hit the nail on the head. Your love for Jesus and life shows in everything you do and say. And to top it all off, you are the best hairdresser in the world. You always make me feel special every time you do my hair. Very blessed to know you Fallon Mew Herndon!

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