23 Reasons Moms Are So Special

God knew what he was doing when he gave me my mama.  She is kind, beautiful, smart, sassy, unique, creative, thoughtful, giving, honest, generous, loving and all things good.


There is truly no one like a mother.  Here are 23 reasons why moms {mine specifically} are so special:

  1. She’s loved you since before you were born.  There is no greater connection between a mother and her child.
  2. She put up with all your terrible two’s, teenage drama, college mishaps, and is still dealing with you as an adult trying to figure out life.  And somehow she loves you through all your mess.
  3. She will give you more grace than anyone else.  She is understanding of your mistakes, caring through your failures, and loving through your times of pain/disappointment.
  4. She has been there, done that.  She will give you the absolute best advice and have your best interest at heart.
  5. She will be bluntly honest with you when you need a true opinion.  “Yes, your dress is too short for church.  Tell them no; Jiffy Lube will always try to take advantage of you.  Yes, you need to go to that baby shower.  No, you can probably find it on sale somewhere else.”
  6. The best belly laughs are with your mom.  Especially when you become an adult.  My mom is truly my best friend.
  7. She will pray for you every single day.
  8. She will always answer her phone or call you right back.  She is going to be there for you any time of day or night.
  9. She has every recipe memorized and can tell you any measurement equivalent when you can’t remember.
  10. She can tell you exactly why you ruined that cake for the family get-together.
  11. She knows when you need a frosted lemonade or sweet tea from Chic-Fil-A.  They can always make those long days a little better.
  12. They make a quick run to town with you an all day shopping venture {included with plenty of laughter and sweet treats.}
  13. She’ll talk you through those adult decisions, work issues and big dreams.
  14. She’ll cry when you cry.
  15. She’ll laugh at you and with you.
  16. She’ll share popcorn and a dressing room with you at Target.
  17. She’s your own personal GPS navigation system.
  18. She will make you want to be the best version of yourself possible.
  19. She will always believe in you and want your dreams to come true just as much as you do.
  20. She will show you how to be a modest, classy, genuine young lady.
  21. She will worry about you, even when you’re married and on your own {make sure you call her often}.
  22. She will always, always want what’s best for you.
  23. She’s the reason you know what love really is.

Words can’t explain how important a mother’s love is.  They deserve so much more than just a day of the year devoted to them.  To the tired mama with a baby on her hip, the worried mama sitting up at night waiting on her teenager to get home, the loud mama cheering at her child’s ball game, the mama crying happy tears at her child’s graduation, the mama zipping her daughter’s wedding dress, the mama waiting on her son to give her a call, the mama who’s becoming a grandma, the mama with wrinkles waiting on her kids to come visit, and the wise mama with so much to share, you all never go unnoticed.  You are loved, cherished and always remembered.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom,

A Blessed Daughter

8 Comments on “23 Reasons Moms Are So Special

  1. There are no words for how much I love you! You always do such a great job with your blog & everything you do!

    Liked by 1 person

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