Winner, Winner, Hello Fresh Dinner!

I had been wanting to try Hello Fresh for the longest time.  My life is so busy.  Like, really, really busy.  Words can’t even tell you how busy I am.  You get the point.  I work everyday at the salon until dinnertime or after, but I love cooking and trying new recipes!  The great thing about this box is the meals are fresh, which is important to us, and they’re quick, which suits our busy lifestyle!  So, I took the leap and tried Hello Fresh for the first time {with my helpful coupon – no regrets}!

Y’all, I love it!  They deliver 3 meals in a box to our door every week!  Pre-measured, organized and comes with very detailed recipe cards!  I’ve got to admit, I was really skeptical about how the meals would arrive.  In a cardboard box?  Sitting on my porch all day?  Would the meat be hot?  How does that work?  So cool, guys!  I tried to take detailed photos to give you some insight on how it’s delivered.


The ingredients and produce are delivered in an insulated box with large {reusable} ice packs.  The meat is on the bottom and extremely cold every time we’ve gotten it!  Each recipe has it’s own little box.  I love how organized and simple it is!


We’ve had some really delicious meals in the past 2 weeks.  I tried to get some photos of a few before I devoured them quickly!  We receive 3 meals per week and they give us 5 options to choose from!  I love that we get to choose our meals.  I know what we’re getting so I can plan the week accordingly.


Mouth watering yet? If so, I have a code for you to get $40 off your first box {y’all, FORTY dollars}!!!  Just use this link and the promo code will be applied!


Also, because we travel a good bit and lead such busy lives, we love that you can pause the box at any time!  So many good things about Hello Fresh!

Cheers y’all,


9 Comments on “Winner, Winner, Hello Fresh Dinner!

  1. ohhh man this looks awesome!
    i am a part of a local CSA that i love because it does deliver certain produce that i don’t have to worry about running to the store.

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