Horse Show Weekend + Our New Addition

We packed up and headed to Lumberton, North Carolina for our second Southern Stockhorse Association show of the year.  Erik {my husband} and Kirsten {my sister} had been training and working with their horses diligently.  We were ready for a fun weekend of horses, friends, concession stand hot dogs, lots of walking, Outback dinner, and sleeping in our horse trailer!


It was a wet, muddy mess, but the horses handled it like true ranch horses. Erik ended up being Reserve Amateur Champion of the day! Kirsten showed a young mustang and he rocked it! As always, I am so proud of these duos!


I noticed on Saturday there was a lady there with Australian Shepherd puppies for sale.  {Keep in mind} Erik and I had been discussing how we would get an Australian Shepherd as our next dog for about a year.  Also, puppies are my favorite animals ever!  They are so darn cute.  I went over and awed at them for a few minutes, then went about my day.  After the show was over Saturday, we planned to go to dinner with some of our friends.  Outback it was!

The “puppy lady” was joining our dinner as well {she was a friend of a friend}.  After dinner and catching up, we headed to the truck.  My spontaneous dad asked to see the puppies.  They had casually talked about getting a new one a few times recently.  After an hour of playing with the puppies at Outback, I was sold.  My parents + Erik and I ended up getting puppies!  Who would have thought we would buy our Australian Shepherd in an Outback parking lot?!  How more ironic can ya get, mate?!  Everyone, meet Dally!


Erik thought of her name.  It comes from the horsemanship he studies and the cowboy way of roping cattle.  They will “dally” the rope around the horn to secure the rope from sliding through their hand.  It’s hard to explain, but Dally just suits her perfectly.  She is spunky, sweet, energetic, incredibly adorable and precious.  She is such a ham.

She has already learned she can jump off our bed + the couch, she knows what the word “NO” means, she demands to go out any time of night she desires, her favorite toy is Jax’s tail {our other dog}, she wakes up every morning at 5:30am, she loves for you to chase her, baths are not her favorite, she has already learned how to “sit” on command and she has stolen our hearts.  Also, she is absolutely so stinkin’ hilarious.

So the weekend ended up being fairly expensive, spontaneous and very exciting!  It’ll be one for the books, that’s for sure.  I love our busy, exhausting horse show weekends.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  We’ve made so many memories and friends.  Every so often, you may just get a silly puppy out of the deal too!  Dally is waking up so I must be off!


Need More Sleep Puppy Mom

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