26 Life Lessons in 26 Years

It’s my birthday week {whoop whoop}!  I love birthdays.  It’s the day you were brought into this world and I think that’s worth celebrating!  I can’t believe I’ll be 26 this year {insert ‘deer in headlights‘ look}.  People aren’t kidding when they say time flies the older you get.


Lace Top | Skirt + Similar {Seafoam Color} | Necklace

I’ve narrowed it down to some light-hearted, truthful, and fun lessons I’ve learned in 26 years:

  1. Always believe in yourself.  The devil will try to knock you down, but there is definitely something special about each and every one of us.  Focus on your strengths and talents.
  2. Life is always changing.  Some of it is expected, some of it is like a curve ball from left field.  Change can be a good thing; however, if you try to approach it with a positive attitude because that is something you can control.
  3. Start drinking coffee now, basically.
  4. Highschool is but a blink of your life.  Those bullies, mean girls and the gross cafeteria food will be history a few years after you graduate.  Don’t let a bad day determine the rest of your life.  You’ll look back and see it was just building character.
  5. Never wear your pajamas in public.  Just don’t people.
  6. Not all friendships last forever.  Like I said, life changes + people change.   You’ll just grow up and grow apart.  Good news, those special friends will always have a place in your heart, but you’ll make new friends with each chapter of your life.
  7. Always pray first then call your mama.
  8. Chances are, you won’t marry your first love.  Cry, eat some ice-cream, then move on.  God’s preparing you for a man he hand-picked just for you.
  9. Never hold grudges.  Learn how to forgive and forget early in life.  People are always going to disappoint you.  They are human {just like you} and nobody’s perfect.  You can’t ever be better if you’re bitter.
  10. Dogs are the best.  Nobody loves you more than your four-legged pal.
  11. Set goals and work hard toward them.  Don’t get so discouraged you give up.  Keep working and moving forward day by day.  You’ll reach them.  We can’t always see the big picture, but God does.
  12. Always be kind and humble to others.  We are each in our own valleys and battles.  You never know what someone else is going through.  An encouraging text, buying someone’s coffee, or a humble smile can go a long way.
  13. Whatever your 1, 5 or 10 year plan is, it most likely won’t work out that way.  Hate to bust your bubble.  Don’t live by an agenda every moment.  God has a plan for you and trust that.  Let things happen when they’re supposed to.  Don’t force anything.
  14. Learn to laugh at yourself.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Don’t take life too seriously {besides you’re pretty funny}.
  15. Have the least amount of debt as possible.  It’ll make your life, marriage and bank account happier.
  16. Do not be a workaholic.  Life is too short.  Be successful, but live within your “means.”  Don’t let work and money control you.
  17. When in doubt, at least put on mascara and blush.
  18. Always take lots of pictures.  That’s how you’ll remember those simple, special, everyday moments later.
  19. Make time for you and your spouse.  Even if you sit at home, eat pizza and talk about nothing.
  20. Travel every chance you get.  The best memories are made out of town!
  21. Always stop at that “hole-in-the-wall” cafe/deli.  They have the best food, even if there’s a hole in the floor.
  22. Spontaneously buy a puppy with your husband before you have kids.  They are just like a newborn and will teach you all kinds of patience.
  23. Show your parents you love and respect them every chance you get.  At 26, you’ve realized a lot of the sacrifices and things they’ve done for you.  You could never do enough to return the favor, but atleast try.
  24. When life gets hectic, busy and you feel like you’re drowning…take a me morning/afternoon/day.  You will need that time for yourself or you will get burnt-out on life in general.  Just breathe.
  25. No matter what everyone else is doing, always do what is right.  You’ll never have regrets and you’ll be glad you did later.
  26. Always put God first in your life and everything else will fall in to place.  Maybe not on your time, but His.

I’ve learned so much in my 26 years {some lessons harder than others}. I believe that’s what life is about; learning as you go.  Sometimes life doesn’t make sense, but put your faith in the Lord + follow His will for you and know it’s gonna be okay.  I’m still learning life lessons everyday.  I try to pick up the good of each lesson and keep on keepin’ on this journey called life.

26 and counting…,


6 Comments on “26 Life Lessons in 26 Years

  1. Happy belated birthday! Just celebrated mine as well. Summer birthdays are the best! Love your outfit and reading what you’ve learned. I recently jumped on the coffee train and agree to pray first, then call your Mama! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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