Cowboys, Rain, and Red Bugs

6 dogs, 5 people, 3 horses, and bluegrass music on the radio…we were off to another horse show weekend.  This time we traveled to Belvidere, Tennessee {Circle E Guest Ranch}.  This place was beautiful.  We pulled up to mountains, hills, antiques, horses, and beauty everywhere.  We drove through the night and arrived just in time to watch the sunrise!  Dally {our new puppy} slept most of the way so she was ready to play when we got there!  I tried to sneak a picture and captured her personality perfectly.


She is extremely fast and dysfunctional.


Ah, there we go.  Beautiful sunrise, tired eyes, and a silly pup.

When we checked in at the ranch, I noticed a big map on the wall with little pins stuck everywhere.  I asked about it, of course.  Everyone that visits the ranch gets to pin where they are from.  How cool is that?!  We put our little hometown on the map!


We got there a couple days early to check out the town and give the horses time to rest.  We found a delicious little diner and a neat coffee shop in downtown.  If you’re ever in Winchester, you’ve got to give Skip’s Diner and San Miguel’s Coffee Company a try!  Skip’s was voted #1 burger in the county.  They have an old juke box + a picture of Elvis, ‘nough said.  San Miguel Coffee has homemade cookies as big as your face, need I say more?


It seems like everywhere we travel, the first thing we do is scope out the good food in town + the nearest mexican restaurant.

Erik and Kirsten were competing in the Extreme Cowboy Racing this show.  It rained almost everyday we were there.  It was wet, muddy, slippery and dangerous for the horses and riders which made it very challenging to do the high speed courses.  However, they both did AWESOME!  Have I mentioned how proud I am of them?!  They both ended up at the top of their classes!


We had horseback game night which was a blast to watch.  Who knew you could play musical chairs on horseback?!  Our bellies hurt from laughing so hard.  They had concerts during the weekend right beside the show.  I had “cowboy coffee” every morning.  Literally, a cowboy made it over a fire {amazing}.  The cowboys were also serving up Tequila Pickled Quail Eggs as their specialty.  I’ll try anything once.  It was a great weekend!

Also, somewhere along the way I got red bug bites {a.k.a. chiggers} all around my ankles.  If you’ve never had them, good for you.  I spent a week scratching and applying anti-itch cream {joy}.  Thankfully, the fun we had at the show outweighs the red bug bites.  Besides, the bug bites will be gone in a week, but the memories made with family + friends in TN will last a lifetime.

Until the next adventure…



22 Comments on “Cowboys, Rain, and Red Bugs

  1. Loved reading the blog. Yes ma’am, I have had chiggers once and I don’t ever want them again. Thought I was going to scratch my flesh off. Actually, probably did ain a couple of places. And, I must ask, how were the pickled quail eggs. 😬

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  2. I used to get chiggers from playing in the pine straw as a kid…always was painted up with nail polish lol. Beautiful shots with the horses…Eric got the right number in your book ehh? 😉 looks like a fun time…thanks for sharing!

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  3. What an awesome experience! This is 100% out of my wheelhouse but it all sounds like so much fun! And can we just talk about how darn cute that wittle puppy is!! I would just be kissing his little face the entire time! (I”m scratching my ankles, too! A vengeful spider or a million mosquitoes went to town on my legs Sat. night!)

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    • Aw, thank you very much Louise! Dally is such a firecracker. I steal kisses all the time for sure! Thank you for reading along! Hope you have a great Wednesday! 🙂


  4. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing your travels and all the great pictures- it inspires me to travel and take more pictures!

    -Desirae @

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    • AW! Thank you so much for reading along and the encouraging feedback! You should definitely do that! My husband says I take too many pictures, but how will I ever remember our adventures years from now?! 😉 Happy Friday!


      • Haha my husband is grumpy about pictures too- but seriously, my memory is already bad, I’ll never remember years from now without the pictures!

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