Green Gown + A Good Laugh

Y’all.  This dress was made for me.  Not really.  I got it on sale at one of my favorite online shops, ModCloth.  But, it feels like it was!  I absolutely love the color.  It’s so rare for me to find a good green piece for my wardrobe.  This little beauty fits in perfectly.


Photo Credits: Jennifer @ Sweet E Photography

Wanna hear something hilarious?!  Here we are having a nice photoshoot by a beautiful pond and all is lovely.  My sister-in-law is my photographer.  I know right, I got really lucky on that one.  My sister also came along as an assistant, a.k.a. someone to tell me if my hair is sticking out, I have a wrinkle in my dress, I’m smiling weird, etc.  Because clearly, I’m dysfunctional.  I love candids, so we try a “twirling photo.”  Right in the middle of twirling in 4 inch heels, my sister tells me I have a big piece of grass on my dress.  I look down and see a flipping praying mantis.  SERIOUSLY?!?!  It’s a miracle I didn’t break my neck getting away from that bug trying to terrorize our photoshoot.  What’s even more hilarious…scroll up to the photos of me twirling and you can see the little stinker right in the middle of my dress.  True story.

Thankfully, my photographer is so amazing, she still got some great shots.  We go to extensive lengths to get all my fashion posts photos.  Never a dull moment with us, never ever.

My dress is almost sold out, so I’ve also linked very similar ones for ya as well!  Hope you snag a green pretty!

Dress {Similar here + here} | Heels {Similar here + here} | Bracelet Original from Versona {Similar here + here} | Earrings Original from Versona {Similar here + here}

Have a good one, friends!



17 Comments on “Green Gown + A Good Laugh

  1. That color is stunning on you! Absolutely love the bug story that is something that would happen to me. Oh well, awkward moments make life interesting! Great post!

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  2. Love your green dress. So feminine and girly. If you look at the fifth picture down, you will find two praying mantis. One at the bottom and one in the middle right below the waist. You must have invaded their territory. Love you pretty lady.

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    • Thank you, sweet lady! I’m really hoping the one at the bottom is a weed sticking up from the ground {LOL}! Bugs are drawn to me. Probably because I’m terrified of them. Love you!


  3. What is it with bugs on dresses? Lol, when I got married, apparently I wasn’t the only one walking down the aisle ha!. Thankfully, Courtney stepped forward and swatted it off my dress. Glad you didn’t fall off those shoes!! Love the dress!

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