Little Miss Sunshine

After walking through a herd of 100 goats, 5 dogs, lots of chickens, 1 emu + a sweet farmer on a tractor, we finally made it to the beautiful field of sunflowers.  I am not even kidding.  He was such a nice man for letting us use his farm for our background.  I’ve told you before, my photographer and I go to great lengths for these photoshoots.

This has to be my favorite shoot we’ve done so far.  I am such an old soul/hippie at heart.


I know you’re thinking, “Aw, those sunflowers are so pretty.”  Well let me tell ya, those pretty little sunflowers also attract bees.  Lots of bees.  After our trek through the farm, I almost died from a heart attack from the bees surrounding me in the middle of the sunflowers.  However; for the love of the blog, I pressed on to get the shots for this post.  I’m really good at laughing at myself, so I had to share this:

My thought process: “Oh…okay, I just realized there are bees everywhere.”


“Alright, this is getting a little uncomfortable.  But, I’ll smile for the camera anyways.”


“Okay, forget it!  I am FREAKING OUT right now!!”


Face of distress right there.

So moral of the post, laugh at yourself my friends.  Life will be a little easier if you do.  Also, buy this cute outfit.

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