11 Ways to Keep A Positive Attitude

Life is tough.  Life is unfair.  Life is just plain hard to handle sometimes.  You can turn the TV or radio on for 5 minutes and become instantly saddened with all of our hopeless surroundings.  You can even log onto Facebook with the touch of your finger in 5 seconds and read something gloomy almost immediately.  How on Earth do we keep a positive attitude in a world that is so negative?  I’ve discovered and tested some true, real, and a few humorous ways to stay positive, friends:

  1. Wake up and talk to Jesus.  He’s there to listen to our problems, anxieties, and worries.  The good Lord can comfort you like no other.  And all the people said, amen.
  2. Drink a cup {or pot} of coffee.  Because…well, this needs no explanation.
  3. Most people check notifications on social media in the morning.  Instead of looking and mentally liking someone’s post or photo, take the time to leave a positive or encouraging comment!  You uplifting someone else will actually have the same positive effect on yourself!  Just try it!
  4. Get up and get yourself dressed.  You don’t have to wear a ball gown to the office, but wear something you actually like and makes you feel good about yourself, even if that takes getting up 5 minutes earlier to pick it out!  And no, pajamas do not qualify. {Insert blank face emoji}  The way you dress can set the mood for your day.
  5. Listen to positive + encouraging music while you get ready or on your way to work.  Some of my favorites are KLove, Jack Johnson Pandora Station, and George Strait {<- He’s duh man}!!
  6. Say a friendly “hello” or give a smile to everyone you pass throughout the day.  Sending that positive energy to others will certainly radiate through you!
  7. If you’re faced with an issue, tell yourself it’s not the end of the world.  ‘Cause guess what?  It’s not!  Most any problem can be worked out without panicking and letting it ruin your day.  Every little thing is gonna be alright.  Break out some Bob Marley if you just can’t handle.
  8. Communicate with your husband/family throughout the day.  Reassuring that they are having a good day will help you have a good day too.  Communication is key.
  9. Eat a snack.  There’s no way you can be positive if you’re hangry.  I know this all to well {so does my husband}.  Ice-cream always does the trick.
  10. Get outside!  Go for a walk, breathe in some fresh air, look up and see the glorious world God gave us!  That’s enough, right?!
  11. Feed yourself positive vibes in all aspects of your life and that’s what you’ll get in return.  You can’t put lemons in your sweet tea and expect it not to be sour, just sayin’.

I’m so preaching to myself as well.  This is something I work on daily.  Tomorrow, pick a few of these or all of’em and give it a try!  I guarantee your day will feel and be more positive!  I’m letting you know right now you’re appreciated just by reading my blog.  I think you are pretty great, friend!

Choose happy,


11 Comments on “11 Ways to Keep A Positive Attitude

  1. A very well spoken blog. Now if only we can put these in our daily life. Love you. Aunt Cecilia.

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  2. I’m really good at 4 & 5. I’ve learned that if I don’t like my outfit my mood tends to be pretty down lol. It’s the simple things right? & my favorite snack to make me feel better is sharp cheddar cheese & an apple. So delish!

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  3. Great tips! Especially numbers one, nine and ten! It’s so easy to focus on the sad and negative things, but choosing to be positive is always the better option for yourself and those you encounter!!

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