19 Reasons Dogs Are The Best

Dogs are seriously man’s best friend.  I have never met a more happy, go-lucky animal.  I’ve always had a dog for as long as I can remember.  If you don’t have a pup, you’re totally missin’ out!  Here are 19 reasons why dogs are the best:

  1. They are the greatest company, y’all.  You’ll never have to feel lonely again!
  2. Dogs are always, always happy to see you!  When you’ve worked a long day and they are waiting to greet you at the door {tail wagging}…best ever.
  3. They are always up to cuddle.
  4. Puppy breath.
  5. By the way, puppies are the cutest baby animals in the entire world.  Nobody can argue with that one.
  6. They are loyal and will love you no matter what.
  7. They can make you laugh at them and yourself, mostly yourself though.
  8. You don’t need an alarm clock.
  9. Puppy breath.
  10. They make you get outside.
  11. They can’t lie.  As soon as you walk in, you know if they’ve done something bad.
  12. They make you clean your house often.
  13. Puppy breath.
  14. You don’t have to work out.  Puppies keep you in shape from running after them, around the neighborhood, in the house, down the road, etc.
  15. You get to show off their cool tricks in front of your friends and family {only if a treat is involved}.
  16. You don’t need to pay for a house alarm system.
  17. They help you practice grace + forgiveness.
  18. Also, PUPPY BREATH.
  19. Dogs teach you to care for something else, besides yourself.  One of life’s biggest lessons.

We have two pups, Jax and Dally.  They keep us busy constantly.  We love their company, humor, different personalities, and loyalty.  I couldn’t imagine life without a dog!  Share below a little about your pup!  I would love to know if you could add to this list!

Dog Lovin’ Since 1990,


7 Comments on “19 Reasons Dogs Are The Best

  1. I thought this was a cute post your dogs are the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen. My dog name is Polly she’s a lab mix she’s really old she’s very very protective over anything.

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