2016 Fall Favorites

Just in case you’re wondering, fall is my absolute favorite season EVER.  There’s just something about the savory smells, pumpkin lattes, cozy clothes, coffee overload, cobblers, mountain trips, cookies, cuddling, floppy hats, football, horse shows, s’mores, okay I’ll stop now.  You get the point.  Fall is the best.

I wanted to share some of my “fall favorites” with you gals!  These are the things I can’t stop using right now!


  1. Arbonne Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème: At the salon, my hands are constantly in contact with water, chemicals, and heat.  Over time, this really dries my hands out and the skin around my nails crack.  This hand creme has been so moisturizing and hydrating!  I put it on at night or whenever I think about it.  It’s vegan, gluten free, plus it doesn’t leave that sticky/thick residue feel.  It has a light, clean smell that I love!  Feel free to contact my consultant, Alisha, if you have any questions here.
  2. Revlon Ultra HD Matte LipColor: I’ve been looking for a good matte lipstick/gloss and I found the perfect one!  I got a pretty, rich, pink color {Embrace} which would be a solid everyday color for me.  I also got a bright, coral color {Flirtation} to carry into fall.  It’ll be a fun transition color as my tan starts to fade {not that I had much of one anyways…boo}.
  3. DW Home Apple Cider Candle: Don’t tell anyone, but I may have bought this candle in July.  Did I mention I’m ready for fall?  K!  This apple cider candle is the perfect fall blend.  So sweet, cinnamony {that’s a word}, yummy.  I’ve also had their Spiced Pumpkin candle and it’s uh-mazing as well!
  4. Sugar Lip Polish: My lips tend to get dry all year round.  In the summer because of the sun.  In the winter because of the dry, crisp air.  I love this lip scrub.  It gets all the dead skin off and leaves my lips feeling soft!  My lipsticks always go on smoother after I use this!
  5. Jergens Natural Glow: I’ve been using this tanning moisturizer since forever.  Not even kidding.  It gives me that subtle glow overnight, plus this is the firming one!  It definitely gets my pale self through fall/winter!
  6. Monogram Mug: This mug was a limited edition from Anthropologie and is sold out!  Bummer!  Luckily, they’ve replaced it with one that’s just as cute!  I actually have a mug collection, an entire stash of coffee cups that is about to over-take one side of our cabinet.  When we go on a trip that’s normally the souvenir I bring home.  This one was just so cute and nice.  Plus, extremely affordable!  I love anything personal.  This would make a sweet gift!
  7. Kenra Volumizing Shampoo: Because winter makes a girl’s hair flat, am-i-right?!  We need a little umph in the fall!  I love this shampoo.  It gives my hair a little fluff and smells nice!  If you’re local, you can get this shampoo here.

Let me know if you have any of these products or try them out!  Also, let me know if you have any questions at all.  Share some of your favorite fall products with me below!



13 Comments on “2016 Fall Favorites

  1. Great post! Love a good lip scrub! I miss you girl! I discovered my mugs are outta control on this move…time to stop lol. Did I mention I miss ya? Well, at least I can read your posts and feel somewhat close!!! Muah! 😉

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