The Mountains Are Calling

You know that quote, “The mountains are calling and I must go,” I’m pretty sure that really happens to me.  I’m also pretty sure it’s hereditary.  It happens to my parents all the time.  Soon as the first signs of fall are present, I have a need to see the mountains.  It’s probably my favorite scenery in the entire world.  Simple but makes my little heart so happy.

Thankfully, my husband understands this weird hereditary trait that I inherited, and he goes along with it just fine.  We had the busiest work week.  Overtime on the job and we were trying to finish the plumbing in our trailer.  If you missed the renovation post of our horse trailer, I’ll fill you in here + lots of photos.  We had every reason not to go to the mountains, but we made it happen.  This was the last weekend we would really be able to do something for ourselves with horse shows coming up and using up all our free time + money to finish the trailer.  We headed to Blowing Rock, NC with a horse, 2 dogs, and enough luggage to stay for a whole week {I always overpack, I admit}.

We stayed at Blowing Rock Equestrian Preserve.  This place is beautiful and the facilities are so nice.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to enjoy the trails there.  The preserve has over 25 miles of horse trails through the mountains.  Erik was able to get a few rides in at their arenas.  We did some shopping {mostly me}, ate at their local restaurants, and took in the pretty scenery.


I love these little trips.  I love the mountains.  They give me some kind of peace and happiness.  I love my husband, who just gets me.  I love horses.  I love local shops and diners.  I love cream-filled strawberry pancakes for breakfast.  I love that we were able to bring our two pups along, even though Dally growled at a granny while we were downtown and 5 minutes later she was the friendliest pup ever.  I love salted chocolate caramel apples.  I love fall and making memories with my family.  Blowing Rock, I love ya.

Lots of love,


3 Comments on “The Mountains Are Calling

  1. Sometimes the very best trips are the ones that we cram in between weeks that make us feel like we shouldn’t possibly be escaping because we’re so busy. Besides giving ourselves the relaxation that we need, it’s always a good reminder to me about how God is the one who actually has it all in control, and the busy week ahead of us won’t be made any better by us stressing all weekend. This trip looks lovely!

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