Boho Yellow

Hey, that rhymes!!  Poet and I didn’t know it, whaaaat!  Okay, moving on.

Y’all, this top is the perfect color for fall.  I love flowy material.  If you know me, I hardly ever wear tight fitting clothes.  Sometimes, I’m guilty of going a size up because I love to be comfy!  Cute + comfy, is that such a crime?!  These bell sleeves are so cute!  This top is from SheIn.  Their clothes are extremely affordable + adorable {HA, I’m on a roll today!}  Say that five times fast.


I hope y’all enjoyed this look for fall!

I crack myself up.  Also, this top is only $12.99!!!!  I promise that’s not a typo!  Go get yours now!

I’m linking this top and a few other really cute tops for fall that I liked!

Boho Yellow Top | Burgundy Fringe Trim Top | Army Green Cold Shoulder Top | Black Beige Plaid Top




SheIn -Your Online Fashion Print Dress

6 Comments on “Boho Yellow

  1. That yellow top is my style I love anything loose like you said. I hardly ever ever wear tight anything. Loved the post.

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