Comfy, Cozy, Camel Coat

This time of year I’m always wearing light jackets + heavy cardigans.  This coat is the perfect mix.  It’s just thick enough and keeps you extra warm, but it’s relaxed and doesn’t make you feel squished.  Know what I mean?  Basically, you can drive in it comfortably.  Plus, the color is so great.  I always go for browns, neutrals, and camel tones.  This coat’s color goes with almost every outfit of mine.  I wore it everyday in Texas. #noshame


Photo Credits: Jennifer at Sweet E Photography

This cotton-blend coat is $22 and yes, it is as soft as it looks!  That’s a great deal in my book, folks!  Plus, they have it in grey!!  I loved pairing it with a colorful scarf and top to make it pop.  Somehow, I managed to sneak in turquoise {always}.  Hope y’all loved this outfit!  I’m linking everything below!

Camel Sweater Coat | Turquoise Necklace | Cowgirl Boots

Happy Shopping,


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