The Red Cardigan

Christmas is uh’comin’, y’all!  This cardigan would be perfect to wear to your family get-together or Christmas pictures!  The material is Viscose, which I have no idea what that is.  But what I do know, it’s the softest cardigan I have.  IT IS SO SOFT.  You get the point.  So not only is it super comfy, but how cute are the little fringe tassels on the bottom.  {Aw}  So Christmasy.  That’s a word, I’m sure of it.


Photo Credits: Jennifer at Sweet E Photography

See what I mean?  So Christmasy.  I told my photographer and friend, I really needed some snow for this shoot.  I loved pattern mixing this cardigan with stripes and plaid.  If you’re not feeling super Christmasy, this cardigan also comes in a neutral, beige color.  Basically, it’s cute, you need it, and it will look good on anyone.  Also, it’ll get you in the holiday mood!  Links below…

Cardigan | Pom Beanie Similar | Blanket Scarf

Merry and Bright,


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