The Wilder Journey

You’re probably wondering where in the world I’ve been.  MIA, missing in action, really.  Between keeping my clients beautiful + happy at the salon, helping my mom run the Southern Detour Boutique, starting a jewelry/leather goods business with my husband {SD Originals}, and braving the SC moody winter, things have been a blur.  I hope you didn’t miss my last post!  After we got home from Kentucky, two weeks later Erik and Kirsten got an invite to do the Mustang Magic Competition.  It’s another mustang makeover {invitation only} in Texas!  Pretty exciting opportunity  and an even “wilder” journey for us.

The decision didn’t come easy.  Erik’s passion and desire to train horses has grown tremendously over the past few years.  He works a public job that consumes the majority of his time, energy and keeps tabs on his vacation days.  However; his heart and mind always remained focused on horses.  We were both so excited when he got the invitation, but knew he wouldn’t have the time and days to be able to fulfill his obligations with this competition.  The desire for Erik to quit his full time, public job grew.  How great would it be to pour every ounce of energy, eagerness to learn, and heart into something you love?  We began praying consistently and specifically about the situation.  God answered our prayers and opened doors.


Erik took the leap of faith and quit his job.  He will be doing odd + end things to make ends meet, but we’ve taken the responsibility of cutting down bills and plan to live simply as possible.  As I’m typing these words, he’s progressing daily with his new mustang, Carolina Chrome, for the Mustang Magic.

God works, y’all.  It may not be at the time you want it to be and work out exactly like you had planned.  For goodness sakes, nothing has panned out like I had planned 10 years ago.  We’ve got to be willing to bend, shape, mold into the person He would have us to be.  God knows what’s best for us when we can’t fathom tomorrow.  We’re letting Him work in our lives and through us.  He can make your days brighter, dreams bigger, and hope endless if you’ll put forth the effort.


We know the upcoming days, weeks, years will not be easy.  Heck, they’ll be the farthest thing from easy.  At the end of the day, we will be living the lifestyle we chose and making the most of it.  Sacrificing now and hoping it pays off down the road.  Noah didn’t survive the flood by sitting on his bum.

Long story short, I may not be posting weekly.  Life is a journey, we took a detour, and things are about to get wilder.


Prayers appreciated,



10 Comments on “The Wilder Journey

  1. Love you both so much. Jim and I know what stepping out by faith is all about. Some people think we are being foolish or not making wise choices. Shoot, sometimes I thought we were crazy. But, this I can tell you. When you feel the Lord is calling you into full time ministry or you feel His leading into a direction that is scary or uncertain, you know that you know you are surrendering to His will and He gives you a peace that passes all understanding. That is the most incredible feeling knowing you are following or surrendering His will for your lives. I pray for God’s watchcare over you both and pray you seek Him first while He may be found. Hebrews 12:1,2. Also claim a verse or verses you can hold onto when things seem difficult or you start questioning whether you’ve made the right decision. Remember Satan is the great deceiver and the only way to fight Him is with the Word of God. Keep on keeping on and always put the Lord first.

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  2. Praying for God to continue to bless you and all your endeavors! Trusting HIM and letting HIM lead you is what’s it’s all about!

    Love you both,

    Glenda Johnson

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