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Birthdays and Bible Studies

I recently had a birthday.  The big thirty is getting closer each year.  Where does the time go?  If you know, let me know.  I gotta say, my favorite gift I received this year was a devotion book from my sister-in-law, Jennifer.  Unexpected, but totally needed.  Life gets busy, hectic, and sometimes just hard.  As a woman, daughter, wife, sister, and friend, expectations are high and responsibilities are overflowing just like my laundry.  We give so much of ourselves to everyone else, organizations, our church, our jobs, the list goes on.  This birthday gift simply reminded me to take a moment and make sure I’m giving back to myself.  We are spread so thin in the everyday hustle + bustle.  I needed a “check-up” on my relationship with the One who truly matters.  That my friend, is Jesus.


So I begin to dig into this bible study, Finding I Am by Lisa Terkeurst.  Gotta be honest, it took a few devotions until I really began to relax and enjoy the study.  My heart and my eyes began to open to God’s presence in my life.  Grace and healing was poured over me for the next 6 weeks.  I loved doing the study with Jennifer.  Not only was she an accountability partner, but someone to share my favorite verses with, my weaknesses, and how it was growing + challenging me.  This birthday gift turned into a gift that kept giving for 6 weeks, y’all!  I absolutely fell in love with God all over again.


When the study was coming to an end, Jennifer and I were both somewhat sad.  This had become a healthy routine to our day.  I loved having my cup of coffee and starting or ending my day devoting time to God’s Word.  We decided we couldn’t stop there.  We went to our local Lifeway and picked out another bible study.  This time, Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer.  Over the past couple months, the devotions had become regular conversation with my clients, friends, and family.  We now have some of the girls in our community doing the studies!  Isn’t it amazing how God works?!  Something as simple as a birthday gift has chain reacted into encouragement in our community and friendships.  If you would like to be a part of our Women’s Bible Study Group, please message me on our Facebook page HERE and I will get you connected, gal!


Also, isn’t this floral top so precious!?  I love the print, colors, and material!  It’s one of the softest shirts I own.  During the sweltering summer, I’m all about light + comfy material!  I’ve had lots of people ask about my Journaling Bible.  All these details can be found below!  I hope you’ve been encouraged, felt like you’re not the only one struggling in your faith walk, been motivated, and enlightened on some great new devotions to dive into!  Girlfriends, life is tough, we’ve got to stick together!  I’m praying for you this week!

Floral Top {Cleo Madison} | Jewelry | Journaling Bible



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11 Ways to Keep A Positive Attitude

Life is tough.  Life is unfair.  Life is just plain hard to handle sometimes.  You can turn the TV or radio on for 5 minutes and become instantly saddened with all of our hopeless surroundings.  You can even log onto Facebook with the touch of your finger in 5 seconds and read something gloomy almost immediately.  How on Earth do we keep a positive attitude in a world that is so negative?  I’ve discovered and tested some true, real, and a few humorous ways to stay positive, friends:

  1. Wake up and talk to Jesus.  He’s there to listen to our problems, anxieties, and worries.  The good Lord can comfort you like no other.  And all the people said, amen.
  2. Drink a cup {or pot} of coffee.  Because…well, this needs no explanation.
  3. Most people check notifications on social media in the morning.  Instead of looking and mentally liking someone’s post or photo, take the time to leave a positive or encouraging comment!  You uplifting someone else will actually have the same positive effect on yourself!  Just try it!
  4. Get up and get yourself dressed.  You don’t have to wear a ball gown to the office, but wear something you actually like and makes you feel good about yourself, even if that takes getting up 5 minutes earlier to pick it out!  And no, pajamas do not qualify. {Insert blank face emoji}  The way you dress can set the mood for your day.
  5. Listen to positive + encouraging music while you get ready or on your way to work.  Some of my favorites are KLove, Jack Johnson Pandora Station, and George Strait {<- He’s duh man}!!
  6. Say a friendly “hello” or give a smile to everyone you pass throughout the day.  Sending that positive energy to others will certainly radiate through you!
  7. If you’re faced with an issue, tell yourself it’s not the end of the world.  ‘Cause guess what?  It’s not!  Most any problem can be worked out without panicking and letting it ruin your day.  Every little thing is gonna be alright.  Break out some Bob Marley if you just can’t handle.
  8. Communicate with your husband/family throughout the day.  Reassuring that they are having a good day will help you have a good day too.  Communication is key.
  9. Eat a snack.  There’s no way you can be positive if you’re hangry.  I know this all to well {so does my husband}.  Ice-cream always does the trick.
  10. Get outside!  Go for a walk, breathe in some fresh air, look up and see the glorious world God gave us!  That’s enough, right?!
  11. Feed yourself positive vibes in all aspects of your life and that’s what you’ll get in return.  You can’t put lemons in your sweet tea and expect it not to be sour, just sayin’.

I’m so preaching to myself as well.  This is something I work on daily.  Tomorrow, pick a few of these or all of’em and give it a try!  I guarantee your day will feel and be more positive!  I’m letting you know right now you’re appreciated just by reading my blog.  I think you are pretty great, friend!

Choose happy,


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Little Wildflower {5 Reasons You Should Be A Wildflower + A Flower Crown}



Photo credits: Jennifer at Sweet E Photography

Who else loves wildflowers?!  Seems like I always go for the flowers that aren’t your ordinary, perfect, flawless flower.  This flower crown made me feel so pretty and dainty!  Totally channeled my inner wildflower, boho spirit!  It also got me thinking about 5 reasons we should be wildflowers.  I know you’re thinking, what in the world is this chick talking about?  Trust me on this one.  You’re probably more like a wildflower than you think!  Here we go:

  1. Stand Tall: In other words, be proud of yourself.  There is no one just like you in this big ol’world.  God carefully created you in his image {Genesis 1:27}.  He gave each of us different abilities, talents, and spiritual gifts.  It’s so hard in today’s society with all the Instagram, Facebook, + Twitter right at our fingertips not to compare yourself and covet someone else’s “perfect” life they’ve displayed.  Just as you’re wishing you had that girl’s gorgeous long legs, someone else is wishing they had your bubbly personality, sense of style or your ability to break the ice in a crowded room.  Always embrace yourself and each little thing that makes you unique.  EVERYONE has flaws, but focus on all the good things about yourself and your life.  Stand tall and have pride in you!
  2. Stand Out: My mama always told me to be myself and don’t follow the crowd. The older I get, the more I realize exactly what she meant. I believe in standing up and standing out for what I believe in + what is right, no matter the circumstances. Whether you’re in a “field of roses” or not partaking in gossip at work, saying no to people who aren’t positive for your life, forgiving someone after they’ve hurt you, or encouraging others daily.  Most of the time, the right thing is never the easy thing.  However, you will never regret standing out for what you believe in!
  3. Bloom: Always continue blooming.  Never get so content and comfortable that you don’t continue to grow.  Life has so much to offer us, gals.  We should always be blooming in all aspects of our lives.  There’s always room to grow in our walk with Christ {preaching to myself}, relationships with friends + family, work, finances, talents.  Be sure to continue blooming and bettering yourself daily.  Plus, try something new!  Get out of your comfort zone.  Take that vacation you’ve been looking into, try a new dish at your regular restaurant, pick up a new talent or hobby, and be open to blooming!
  4. Look For The Sunshine: In order to prosper and grow a flower looks for the sunlight.  We should always be searching for the “good.”  Even on our darkest days, there’s always light peeking in + something to be thankful for.  Strive to find the sweet, little things in everyday.  When you filter out the bad and always focus on the good, you’re gonna shine, darling!
  5. Let Your Roots Run Deep: Always remember where you came from, who helped you along the way and the lessons you’ve learned on your journey.  The deeper your roots are the stronger you’ll be, you’ll have more confidence, and trust in yourself.  Constantly remain grounded {in your faith, your marriage, your friendships, and your life}.  “Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith – that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God” {Ephesians 3:17}.  Be sure to let your roots run deep and always remain grounded in the love of Christ.

Little wildflower, if you remind yourself of these daily, you’re gonna bloom and be the most beautiful wildflower there ever was.


Also, can we get back to how lovely this flower crown is?!  Two gorgeous wildflowers out of Georgia are hand crafting these beauties!  I absolutely adore mine.  You can custom design yours here.  I know Amanda and Alexa can help find the perfect one for you!  Plus, use the code: WILDFLOWER at checkout and receive 15% off your order!!!  Check them out on Instagram at @pearlsandpinkpeonies or @thedaintysouthco!

Dress {Original from Above Average Boutique}: Similar here + here |  Flower Crown | Bracelet {Original from Versona}: Similar here | Wedges {Original from Belk}: Similar here + here

Always be blooming,


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