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Southern Spring

Spring is in full bloom here in the South.  The days are getting warmer + longer, the horses are shedding like crazy, the thunderstorms are more often, and the mosquitoes are getting larger {ugh}.  However, I love this time of year.  There are wildflowers…

Trampolines and Pier Fishing

Do you ever have one of those randomly awesome, adventurous, fun weekends??  That happened recently!  The entire weekend was so much fun and spent with my family.  Those weekends are the best in my book! Friday night Erik and I went to a fancy…

Winner, Winner, Hello Fresh Dinner!

I had been wanting to try Hello Fresh for the longest time.  My life is so busy.  Like, really, really busy.  Words can’t even tell you how busy I am.  You get the point.  I work everyday at the salon until dinnertime or after, but…

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