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Southern Spring

Spring is in full bloom here in the South.  The days are getting warmer + longer, the horses are shedding like crazy, the thunderstorms are more often, and the mosquitoes are getting larger {ugh}.  However, I love this time of year.  There are wildflowers everywhere, my sister and I planted a teeny garden, and horse show season is starting up.

We recently sold our home and have moved back to the farm for awhile.  I feel more at home than I did in the housing development we lived in.  I have absolutely loved being back where my roots are planted.  The neighborhood life was getting too stuffy for me.  I love waking up to the birds singing and chirping, I feed horses before work in the peace and quiet {yes, I oddly enjoy this}, our dogs get to run free, and the views are as pretty as ever.  I always told mama growing up that God gave us the prettiest sunsets on the farm.  Turns out all these years later, I was right.



Photo credits: Jennifer at Sweet E Photography

On top of the cotton candy sunsets, I get to see my family everyday.  Most folks turn a head or give you the “deer in headlights” look when I mention this.  They say, “How in the world can y’all stand each other?  You don’t drive one another crazy?”  Well, of course we do.  I’ve learned at the end of the day, family is really all you have.  I never take my spontaneous, loud, nonstop family for granted.  I am really looking forward to spending so much time together this spring and summer {call me crazy}.

I hope spring has been treating you kindly, friend.  How have you been enjoying this beautiful weather?  Take some time for your family this season!  You won’t regret it!



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Trampolines and Pier Fishing

Do you ever have one of those randomly awesome, adventurous, fun weekends??  That happened recently!  The entire weekend was so much fun and spent with my family.  Those weekends are the best in my book!

Friday night Erik and I went to a fancy schmancy dinner for our anniversary.  This doesn’t happen often, so it was nice.  My handsome husband of four years, a delicious meal, and I didn’t have to do the dishes.  Sigh.

Saturday was spent helping my parents’ at their new shop, Southern Detour.  They have been putting the finishing touches on the boutique.  All I can say is there’s turquoise and cute clothes everywhere.  You’ll have to come out to our Grand Opening this Saturday {December 3rd, 8am-8pm} to see it for yourself!  We had planned to go eat crab legs in North Myrtle Beach with my family for dinner.  We do this once or twice a year.  It always ends happy and miserably full on crab legs.  The guys wanted to go drive go-carts after {yes, I’m surrounded by children trapped in adult bodies}.  But…who knew, in the off season, all the go-cart and putt-putt locations close early.  Now you know.  We randomly drove by an indoor trampoline park at 9pm and someone thinks it’s a good idea to check it out.  After paying for our wrist bands, dad is making bets on who will vomit first.  Had we lost our minds?!  It was like kids getting off the bus on a Friday afternoon from school.  We were running to the trampolines full force.  Forgetting we had to work Monday.  Living life to the fullest.  Pulling all kinds of muscles and pushing ourselves to the limit.  Golly it was fun.  Thank goodness I had on jeggings.


It was seriously so thrilling.  We don’t have many pictures because we were living in the moment and too busy making fun of each other.  I would definitely go back even though I felt like I’d been hit by a dump truck on Monday.  It doesn’t take much for me, folks.

Even after all the adventure Saturday night, we were at church Sunday morning and decided to skip a nap and go pier fishing that afternoon.  I love going to the pier and looking out over the ocean.  It’s always so beautiful, no matter the time of year.  The guys had their fishing poles and I had my camera.  We were set and headed to the state park.  It was a gorgeous day.


Sorry for the picture overload.  That sky was so blue, I just couldn’t help myself.  Plus, we’ve got to document these moments.  Even though it was just another Sunday afternoon, it was also jokes in between the photos, learning how to cast the line out, eating cookies’n cream icecream, breathing in the salty air, soaking up the sun, car karaoke the whole way home, and making memories with the people I love the most.  Sometimes the littlest things are the biggest moments.  I love weekends like this.  They are my favorite.

Sentimental and sappy,


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Winner, Winner, Hello Fresh Dinner!

I had been wanting to try Hello Fresh for the longest time.  My life is so busy.  Like, really, really busy.  Words can’t even tell you how busy I am.  You get the point.  I work everyday at the salon until dinnertime or after, but I love cooking and trying new recipes!  The great thing about this box is the meals are fresh, which is important to us, and they’re quick, which suits our busy lifestyle!  So, I took the leap and tried Hello Fresh for the first time {with my helpful coupon – no regrets}!

Y’all, I love it!  They deliver 3 meals in a box to our door every week!  Pre-measured, organized and comes with very detailed recipe cards!  I’ve got to admit, I was really skeptical about how the meals would arrive.  In a cardboard box?  Sitting on my porch all day?  Would the meat be hot?  How does that work?  So cool, guys!  I tried to take detailed photos to give you some insight on how it’s delivered.


The ingredients and produce are delivered in an insulated box with large {reusable} ice packs.  The meat is on the bottom and extremely cold every time we’ve gotten it!  Each recipe has it’s own little box.  I love how organized and simple it is!


We’ve had some really delicious meals in the past 2 weeks.  I tried to get some photos of a few before I devoured them quickly!  We receive 3 meals per week and they give us 5 options to choose from!  I love that we get to choose our meals.  I know what we’re getting so I can plan the week accordingly.


Mouth watering yet? If so, I have a code for you to get $40 off your first box {y’all, FORTY dollars}!!!  Just use this link and the promo code will be applied!


Also, because we travel a good bit and lead such busy lives, we love that you can pause the box at any time!  So many good things about Hello Fresh!

Cheers y’all,


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Horses, Hills and a Helicopter

You’re probably wondering, where in the world “helicopter” is playing in here.  Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in soon!

We spent this weekend in Gaffney, SC at Green River Ranch for an Extreme Cowboy Race horse show.  We were new to the association and this horse show series.  It’s all about obstacles, horsemanship and trust between you and your horse.  It was so much fun to watch and photograph!  The ranch was beautiful.  Rolling hills, blue skies, and mountains in the distance {sigh}; my kind of place.


It was a gorgeous sunny day, even if the wind did blow 137 mph.  I had to dig out my toboggan and gloves for the event.  My sister and husband competed in a few of the classes.  I always leave feeling so proud of both of them!  They do such an awesome job, stay focused and somehow manage to have fun too!


The ranch’s hospitality was to a “T”.  Homemade food in the concession stand, friendly atmosphere and clean, well maintained grounds.  We made some new friends and saw some old ones too.


This kid was just so darn cute.

I enjoyed spending time with my family.  We laughed…


and ate bacon, egg and cheese biscuits.  Also, I drank way too much coffee {but is that even possible}?!

As I was finishing up my cup of coffee and thinking it’d be a great time for a nap, one of the young competitors took a big fall.  I had a front row seat and my heart sank for this little girl.  When you put your trust in a large animal, sometimes things will happen.  It’s always scary when they do.  They called for an ambulance immediately.  We all waited, anxiously.


Next, we got the news they were bringing in a helicopter to take full precaution and for us to secure our horses.  I said a prayer for that little girl and we all hoped she would be okay.


They rushed her off to the hospital and we continued on with the show.

Towards the end of the day, we got news that the young girl would make a full recovery.  No broken bones or serious injuries, just bad bruising!  Praise the Lord!

Erik {my husband} and Kirsten {my sister} ended up finishing in the top of their classes!  It was a long, eventful day, but definitely a good one.


My face may be windburnt, my body may be sore, my eyes may be blood shot, and I may have gotten home at 3AM, but it’s worth it.  Nothing can replace memories made with family, friends and horses.

Also, I’ve decided you can never have too much coffee.  I think I’m on my 2nd or 3rd cup of the day, but who’s counting?!



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A Day At The Farm

During the week, I work at a salon.  It’s all about beauty, hair, makeup and being up to date on the latest style news.  I love all of those things, but I really love days at my parents’ farm.  I get to wear my old clothes, breathe in fresh air, not wear makeup and be around cute animals all day.  It’s all things good!  I wanted to share with you all what an average day at the farm is like.  It’s going to be picture overload {you’re welcome}.


We get to pull up to this view.  Horses everywhere and I just love it.  It’s peace on Earth {most of the time}.  Then you’re greeted by these sweet faces:


And once they find out you don’t have any food to give…they’ll leave ya alone.  Jax loves going to the farm because he gets to play with his dog friends.


And then it gets a little crazy…


I mean look at Pebbles.  Those are crazy eyes right there.  I am still laughing at this one.

We are always working and staying busy at the farm.  I don’t mind it though.  I love feeling like I’m benefiting the animals and helping my family.  This past weekend we cleaned the water troughs.  Fun, eh.  Helpful, yes!


Okay, well, we make it fun.

Then I watch/photograph my sister and husband furthering their horsemanship.  It’s amazing to see them make progress everyday and learn something new.  Proud sis/wifey moments happen very often!


Prepare for some cuteness…I love visiting these little fuzzy sweeties.  They are some of my favorites.


They get really curious about the camera.


And they get closer…


And closer.  After I’ve pet the minis, I’m off to visit every other animal.  It’s almost like being at a zoo.


My grandparents live a field over {sounds funny, right?}!  I’ve spent many days running across that field to go visit.  Precious memories when I look at their faces.  I am thankful to still be close to them.


Then everybody gets excited because it’s…feed time!


And they all look at you like this…


I love it when everyone is fed and happy. Ah, peace on Earth again.


I love the farm, my family and this life.  You’ll find yourself dirty from head to toe, brushing horses, mucking stalls, and sometimes, talking to a cow.  It’s bliss.

Gone feeding,



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