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Boho Cowgirl

I’ve always loved boho styles and floral prints.  I’m immediately drawn to them when I’m shopping.  I scored this boho blouse at one of my favorite vendors at a horse event in Augusta, Georgia.  You can check out her little boutique here!  I shop… Continue Reading “Boho Cowgirl”

Instagram Roundup {March}

Hey, y’all!  Here goes another roundup of my favorite outfits from March.  Recently, I’ve decided I really enjoy the flatlays so much more than awkwardly taking photos of myself wearing the outfits.  My goal with this blog is to stay authentic and honest to… Continue Reading “Instagram Roundup {March}”

Shouting “SPRING”

When I think spring fashion…I think dainty, sweet, floral, colorful, and lace details.  This outfit basically shouts “SPRING!”  It also shouts, “Hey, girl.  You need a tan ASAP!”  Now try to enjoy the outfit and ignore my blinding paleness. Of course, I had to… Continue Reading “Shouting “SPRING””

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