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Keeping it Southern

Many of you have been asking how the Southern Detour Boutique is doing.  It’s going just dandy! It is definitely keeping my mom a busy little bee.  She gets new clothes + jewelry in every week.  If you haven’t been by, you need to… Continue Reading “Keeping it Southern”

Blushin’ for Spring

I don’t know about y’all, but in the South it has felt like spring so much lately.  We’ve had some beautiful weather the past few weeks.  Pastels will be on repeat here soon.  I am loving this Blush Midi Dress from Hazel and Olive.  Blush tones are… Continue Reading “Blushin’ for Spring”

Layers, Neutrals, + A Tip

Fall is my favorite time of year.  I love bundling up in lots of layers and bringing out my cozy cardigans.  Layering is one of the most unique and fun styling trends.  I love layering different patterns, materials, colors, and so on.  Tip: Try… Continue Reading “Layers, Neutrals, + A Tip”

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