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Comfy, Cozy, Camel Coat

This time of year I’m always wearing light jackets + heavy cardigans.  This coat is the perfect mix.  It’s just thick enough and keeps you extra warm, but it’s relaxed and doesn’t make you feel squished.  Know what I mean?  Basically, you can drive… Continue Reading “Comfy, Cozy, Camel Coat”

Weekend Warrior

Y’all…I live for the weekends.  Whoever thought of working 8-10 hour days/4-5 days a week, boo you.  I count down to Friday every week.  I look forward to spending time with my husband, our pup and my family!  It doesn’t matter if we’re hanging… Continue Reading “Weekend Warrior”

Boho Cowgirl

I’ve always loved boho styles and floral prints.  I’m immediately drawn to them when I’m shopping.  I scored this boho blouse at one of my favorite vendors at a horse event in Augusta, Georgia.  You can check out her little boutique here!  I shop… Continue Reading “Boho Cowgirl”

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